Gallery of Amazing Book Covers

If you need a book cover, brand or logo…I got some ideas. Some are even good.

The projects:

An amazing cover right out of the gate. This book, Animal Parts, is the third in a mystery series featuring the character, Peter Romero. A great read. I am a fan; the fact it’s written by David E Knop notwithstanding.

Animal Parts

AP=Whole cover-k-Upload* front copy

Another book cover I’ve recently done is for the second in the Romero series,

Poisoned by God’s Flesh.

Microsoft Word - PbGF Cover SIZED-r.docx

I’m quite proud.

This book cover is for a fascinating book, Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter, on the parallels found between the Jesus story and Harry Potter themes by Nicole L Rivera. finding faith-small

Which it did. And, yes, it’s on fire.

Another book cover I designed for Ronald Argo‘s book, Baby Love.

cover for baby feet by ronald argo
Book cover design for Baby Love by Ronald Argo

I also drew the adorable baby feet in the center of the cover. Yeah, I went all out. I do that.

If you have a book you’d like a cover for and it’s print-ready, please contact me. I can save you the throwing of things and deluge of expletives that come with formatting for print with BookBaby or Lightning Source. My neighbors have learned not to be alarmed. It’s cool.

If you’d like quotes for one of your own for any reason, please contact me anytime…

Molly “Molotov” Knop


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