A Bit of Amazing for Your Day, pt. 1


Every once in a while, like, on a daily basis, I’ll ruminate on why a thought popped into my head and where it may have come from. Then I’m compelled to look it up. The origins of these little morsels are usually amazing. And also usually lead me down a twisted rabbit-hole from which I eventually resurface wondering what the hell happened to my day.

For example, go look up the phrase, “rabbit-hole” and Lewis Caroll will render the rest of your day FUBAR’d. It’s probably why I’m broke but that’s neither here-nor-there. I do find comfort, however, in helping you mess up your day, too.

So, here’s a wonderful quatrain of a poem from where a well-known phrase originates. On this great website called, “The Wondering Minstrels” they do a beautiful analysis following the poem, too. I recommend it to everyone.


The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it

–Omar Khayyam


Do visit the site and feel free to share with me your favorite quotes, sayings, inspirations, and damnations as you wish. My nerdy excitement will rise to yours.


Molotov Ink: One woman’s explosive tale

Train molotov witch

It all began when I decided that being the smartest, the funniest, always correct, the most meticulous and insightful editor, the most fascinating writer, and the most extremely creative book cover designer in the room wasn’t enough. I felt had to bless everyone by sharing my natural skills and talents so otherwise lacking in the world of commerce.

And I’m kidding. It’s true I have skills but I’m hardly the most of anything.

But being talented and humble is a benefit to anyone needing editing, book cover design, and/or writing services. Because I’m not happy until you’re happy. I’m not going to throw something out there with the complacent, self-satisfied contentment of someone inordinately proud of their own bull. I won’t stop until you get what you need. It’s all about you.

I’ll work my ass off for you…because your opinion of the results is better than mine. It just is.

So, contact me and let’s light something up.

-Mo of the NTZ and Molotov Ink


The Word Explosion Begins

Nighttime napalm fire cropped-ed

This site is going to be full of over-used, hackneyed expressions about things blowing up.

But don’t think of it as a form of destruction. Think of it like a Phoenix rising up out the ashes…new beginnings.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it. It is. It’s basic and simple but powerful; like all good things.


Molly “Molotov Cocktail” Knop