Tight lips, no judging

It’s been a long time since I’ve raised my head around here. A long time since I’ve gollumed into view from between dark places to appear on the “interwebs”. It’s only because I’ve been editing. Editing, not writing. And it’s writing that gets all the glory.

The biggest problem of marketing great editing is that I am expected to show them something to prove it.

That becomes difficult when the last thing any client wants is for me to use their rough drafts as examples.

“As you can see, the misuse of the word, ‘there’ was wrong 89% of the time in this unauthorized sharing of their manuscript with you. Proving that I’m not only a gossip but an unethical creep.”

Who would hire someone like that? When even the act of asking someone to edit your work is like opening your chest and baring your heart? No one. Because it takes immense courage to open that vulnerable place and let a stranger in without having to worry about becoming the bad example. So, when it comes to provable work-pieces, I’m not sharing sh*t.

I’m not, by any means, suggesting that sharing is common in this field. At all. I’m only explaining my lack of original content lately.

Because there just isn’t enough time to create something good when you’re helping someone else create perfection.

It’s because of my dedication to you, dear readers and clients, that I sacrifice…having more reads readers to not read…my…Hey! It makes sense in my head. You get the idea.

Molotov Ink is alive and well. Contact me any time.

P.S. If you’re interested in some comprehensive background internet research too, contact me.

Again, tight lips, no judging.

Molly Knop






Announcing the Launch of Animal Parts!

The highly anticipated new novel, Animal Parts A Peter Romero Mystery, is launching out into the world this April 10th. Please enjoy the video for news on this exciting event!

Book Launch party and planning, cover design, movie design, and artwork are all products and services of Molotov Ink.

Music by: “Feral Chase” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

For more information on Animal Parts, please click here to be directed to www.DavidEKnop Books.com.

A Molotov Ink Poll

How do you like to work/play/write? Just curious. It also helps if you’re a client; it opens up my communication options greatly.

The Word Explosion Begins

Nighttime napalm fire cropped-ed

This site is going to be full of over-used, hackneyed expressions about things blowing up.

But don’t think of it as a form of destruction. Think of it like a Phoenix rising up out the ashes…new beginnings.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it. It is. It’s basic and simple but powerful; like all good things.


Molly “Molotov Cocktail” Knop



Let the Sparks Fly!


Tired of ordinary writing? Me, too.

Let’s do something about it. I’ll help you fire up your writing projects to spectacular levels. Let’s get down in the trenches and fight dirty together.

I got your back.

I’ll use all available resources to revolutionize your impact on the world.

Let’s do this.

Molly “Molotov Cocktail” Knop