A Molotov Ink Poll

How do you like to work/play/write? Just curious. It also helps if you’re a client; it opens up my communication options greatly.

The Word Explosion Begins

Nighttime napalm fire cropped-ed

This site is going to be full of over-used, hackneyed expressions about things blowing up.

But don’t think of it as a form of destruction. Think of it like a Phoenix rising up out the ashes…new beginnings.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it. It is. It’s basic and simple but powerful; like all good things.


Molly “Molotov Cocktail” Knop



Let the Sparks Fly!


Tired of ordinary writing? Me, too.

Let’s do something about it. I’ll help you fire up your writing projects to spectacular levels. Let’s get down in the trenches and fight dirty together.

I got your back.

I’ll use all available resources to revolutionize your impact on the world.

Let’s do this.

Molly “Molotov Cocktail” Knop