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Molotov Ink

I’ll help make your ideas explode.

I will make your ideas feel like their written with fire.

I’ll help you explode into the career of your dreams.

You bring the fuel, I’ll bring the matches. Together, let’s light this sucker up.

Molly “Molotov” Knop





About Molly of Molotov Ink

I’m a writer and editor.  A great editor.  I love seeing someone’s brilliant but rough and unique ideas into polished, readable, fluid, and shiny ideas.

I’m a writer, ruminator, researcher, critic, and appraiser. I’m a repository of random facts; some of which are amazing, some of which just rattle around and make for hilarious dinner conversation.

I have a degree in English from UC Santa Barbara and I’m a little snobby about writing, format and form. And the only thing I’ll ever be a snob about.

Because I’ve been around. I co-owned a sleazy pool hall, sheeped for a large higher-education bureaucracy, personally-assisted a perfectionist celebrity, office-managed a multi-billion-dollar property development firm, and manned the front desk at the most bizarre, unique hotel in history. I have celebrated with magnates and have cleaned up after. I have seen things. You can tell me anything, divine or profane; I’ll probably be proud of you.

So, tell me all of your quirkiest stories and I’ll make them work for you. Or we’ll raise a glass and compare battle scars. Like I said, I’m here in the trenches with you.

-Molly the Molotov Cocktail

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Molly at Dig Deeper

Are you in need of “research”? I’m very skilled in the art of uncovering all sides of a person’s social media. You know what I mean. If you’d like more information on these services, please email me at molly@molotovink.com, or text/call me at 619-601-5198.

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